Monday, December 29, 2008


3 years ago, our family room looked like this! Having bought our first home at the height of the housing boom in CA. meant one thing: accepting the fact that we would be buying a home that exhibits, shall we say, "third world charm!" Indeed it did, every square inch! Richard surprised me for our anniversary with a few touches to finally finish (almost) this room. The results are shocking, no? Just don't ever ask to use our bathroom should you come for a visit...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Worth Blogging

Now I really feel the spirit of Christmas and what is most important! Click to see (or copy & paste). This reminded me a little of when we flew out to see Richard half-way during his army training and Robinson was 2 and hadn't seen dad for 3 months and how excited he was!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Robinson's Birthday! Happy 11th!

Robinson is a special kid. He is always laughing and the getting the uncontrollable giggles. We will be eating, in the car, at church, or even school (according to this teacher) and something strikes him funny and he can't stop laughing. It's pretty contagious. Grandma says it's in the genes! He also LOVES Legos. While many of his friends are outgrowing toys, this kids plays with toys ALL day long. I had so much fun giving him him presents! Check out how I surprised him at the end. His excitement was too much fun.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Time to Punish....and Perhaps a Time to Resist....

A Black Sharpie, an impulsive five-year-old, and her name proudly written 12 inches across the interior door of our brand new vehicle. Quite Honestly? I never want to erase it.....

ODE TO MOM (again!)

Don't miss the comment my mom left under "Happy Birthday Mom!" Did I mention how FUNNY she is????

Happy Birthday Mom!

What do I love most about my mom? There are not enough words...One of my favorite things is her laugh. She laughs easier and more often than any person I know. Her laughter lights up our family. She is the first one any of us want to call to share a day's adventure, story, or any delight. On the flip side, she is also the first one to call when discouraged. Her words make everything seem just fine. Yes....her children find her to be virtually faultless and her grandchildren adore her! The following quote is so befitting of my mom (but not to be taken literal, I can already read your mind's humor!).

"If the whole world were put into one scale, and my mother in the other, the whole world would kick the beam". ~Lord Langdale (Henry Bickersteth)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If The Big One Hits.....

I do love living in California. However, occasionally I worry about earthquakes. Not the earthquake itself, but the thought of being separated from my children and not being able to get to them. This assignment the twins brought home from kindergarten didn't help:

Dear Parents,
Should an earthquake occur during school, we feel it is important for each child to be prepared. Please fill the bag provided with the following:

*juice box
*a family picture
*a personal note from you telling your child how much you
love them and to "think about happy times"
*a favorite (small) toy for them to hold

Needless to say, I now picture my twins rationing out their cracker and juice box, clinging to one another, staring at a picture of their mommy, clutching their favorite toy, trying to think about how much I love them. Surely, my note that reads "think about happy times" will see them through. Until we meet again, my sissies......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Merry "Squintmas"

Anyone out there starting to think about getting that perfect family picture for their Christmas card? Rule #1: Never let a photographer talk you into a high noon time slot!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

For a good laugh......try this!

At night I give my girls a voice recorder to play with quietly in bed.They may fall asleep a bit later , but it keeps them in their beds. It is so funny to hear what they've come up with once they've fallen asleep and whatever it is (my favorite examples are when they make up sad songs, songs about me, and once they recorded their dramatic crying after being punished) you'll be sure to get a good laugh. And, yes, even potty noises are cute when you see your sleeping child's face being kissed by the moonlight!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Baby, No Girl Is Quite Ready To Go........

....Unless She is Wearing Her Santa Barbara Bow! For Alexandra, that means bedtime too. She REFUSES to go to sleep without one of her headbands from Aunt Katie. What can I say, Katie? You've spoiled us rotten with your amazing bows, but really, now, WHEN are you coming out with a special line of bows for bedtime?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Knew?

Who knew that a fish could be so much fun? Richard and the kids caught a bluegill in a pond and put it in the fishtank. We soon found out that this fish would eat ANYTHING. Not only would it eat anything but it would leap straight out of the fish tank and grab it from your hand. The fun, however, was in the hunt. Each night Richard and the kids would get their flashlights and hunts for bugs, then hurry in to watch Buster do his thing. Last night Buster leaped out of his tank, and I, even I, (the anti-pet mom) am sad. RIP, Buster!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Stagemother For a Day!

My girls have never been in dance or performed in a recital. So, when the opportunity presented itself in the form of our ward's road show I couldn't resist. My girls (esp. the twins) have no fear on stage and a fun time was had by all. I couldn't help being that proud stagemother for once.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun, girlie ideas

Summer is almost over, but here is something that kept my girls busy! Put some sand in a shallow storage container, fill it with accesories from the fish tank aisle, get your girl's favorite princess toys and tell them that their dolls are taking a vacation to the beach!

I got my twins a jewelry box full of jewels ( for their birthday. They seem to incorporate it in all their make-believe play. It is now my new favorite thing to give their friends for their birthdays!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few favorite family pics to start our new blog!

First Day of School...

This is a real FIRST for me. I thought surely that Richard would be peeling me off the ground! My youngest girls have started kindergarten and now all of my kids are in school. I have lost endless hours of sleep just thinking about this day. Luckily, it's only 3 hours (not much different than preschool, I keep telling myself). So far so good. I took them to their class then off to Pinkberry I went to drown my sorrows!