Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Two little sisters in a school play! Both LOVE the stage and have sparkling, outgoing personalities. It was time for the dress rehearsal performed for the school during the day. I showed up for the performance and something was wrong.

Alexandra, who has a flair for the dramatic, was in a lip-quivering stupor.

Anna Kate got a main part -the beautiful raindancer.

Alexandra, who had just seen her costume for the first time, thought it was too silly and too fat- nothing like a raindancer for which she felt she was better suited. Better said: She was devastated!

I scooped her up afterwards and reminded her of one of her very favorite stories about Priscilla who dreamed of being the princess but was cast as "the wind".

"Priscilla went to the stage, taking her place.
A big, beaming grin bloomed on her face.
As the curtain drew up, she rolled into the light.
She knew it right then. This was her night.

The Tree stood quite still, except for a breeze.
The Princess was bound by a magical freeze.

But the Wind was alive, it fluttered and flew.
The wind was amazing. Oh how it blew!

Priscilla was soaring. She felt like a star.
And if that's how you feel, then that's what you are."

The night of the performance Andie had a complete turnaround.She tried her very best to be a good sport about her part, sang her heart out, smiled the whole time, and delivered her line great!

AnnaKate took the stage looking so cute:
warning: this video was shot by her 12 year old brother

Afterwards I told Anna how beautifully she danced, what a wonderful job she did and that I COULD NOT have been more thrilled with her performance. I then took Andie aside and told her essentially the same plus a little secret: (she was my very favorite part of the play).

I never knew I would be so enamored by and proud of a little pistachio nut.


Katie said...

This is TOO cute!

You tell Andie that next time Aunt Katie comes to visit, she will sit her on her lap and tell her all about having to play Mother Earth in seventh grade. That is, unless you've already consoled her with tales of Inspector Marmaduke.

Susan said...

Precious beyond words!!! These are pictures that will be shown in the future on a show called "BEFORE THEY WERE STARS."

Jane said...

Cutest thing EVER!! I only wish I could have been there to enjoy it. Love those girls!!!!!!

Becca said...

Wow, congrats on turning lemons into lemonade! Who was in charge of the play? I find it strange that they did that to a set of 6 year old identical twins. They both would've been adorable rain dancers. Those pictures are ADORABLE!

Katie and Jeff said...

What a sweet story! Both girls are so beautiful!

Dawn said...

I think they were the most perfect pistachio and rain I've ever seen! Personally, I was "Molly Milk, healthy and white, good to drink day and night" when I was their age. I just had a cardboard milk jug cut out to stick my face through. Nothing like those fabulous costumes!

Jennifer Pfaff said...

I love that!! What a great Mommy you are!! This little story seriously brought a tear to my eye.

And both girls were absolutely beautiful.