Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Few Pictures:

Father's day at kindergarten. Guess which LUCKY dad got TWICE the gifts?
(thanks Aunt Katie for the outfits!!!)

Hallie at her field day. Boy can she run! Not even the boys have a chance with her long legs.

One of our HIGHLIGHTS was going to Santa Barbara for the 4th. Ahhhh.....Santa Barbara......the zoo.....the ocean.....the weather.......Oh, Erbs, you LUCKY LUCKY ducks!


Jane said...

I LOVE the picture at the Zoo, you all look smokin' hot.Thanks for a blog update, finally =)

Susan said...

Yea!! Love these photos! I just wish "A Few Pictures" was "A Whole Bunch of Pictures"!

Keep them coming.

Katie said...

That was my favorite 4th of July ever!

My kids look so thirsty.